Main-season (23.12.2017 - 30.03.2018)

  • Photo required for ski passes from 9 days.
  • All ski passes are handed out on non-contact KeyCards. Deposit: 2.00 EUR.
  • All prices incl. 10 % VAT! Subject to modifications and typing errors.


Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 about "Photocompare"
We would like to point out that for the purpose of access control a reference photo will be made of each lift pass owner when passing the turnstile (equipped with a camera) for the first time. The lift staff will compare this reference photo with those photos which will be made after every other passing of the turnstile.
The reference photo will be deleted once the lift pass loses its validity, every other photo will be removed not later than 15 minutes after passing the turnstile.
We would like to point out that it is possible to buy lift passes which are configured in such a way as to prevent the photo being made. However, in this case, spot checks by the lift staff are to be expected.